Best Songs of 50 Cent

From gangsta rap to romantic ballads, 50 Cent is one of the most influential rappers in hip hop history. Here, XXL explores some of his best songs and why they are so great.

Rap star Drake’s more sensitive side can be heard in hit songs such as “21 Questions” and “Best Friend.” Read on to explore more of G-Unit general’s top love songs.

1. In Da Club

In Da Club is one of 50 Cent’s most beloved songs. Released in 2003, it helped launch him as a successful rapper and became his first hit single. Produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem, it quickly went viral, propelling 50 Cent into superstardom.

This song stands out from all of 50 Cent’s other compositions, successfully juxtaposing his lighter side with more serious subject matter. It not only brings you to an emotional place but also manages to keep you engaged throughout the whole track.

This is another excellent example of how he can draw upon his own background to make his music more captivating. He does an excellent job bringing you into his world by talking about gangsta rap, and the track works brilliantly as it takes you along for the ride. His raps are excellent and the beat he uses throughout is superb too.

It can be challenging to listen to this track as it explores something of his personal experience, yet he does a remarkable job of making it accessible for listeners. Although this song differs from his other works, its success leaves one wanting more.

If you’re a fan of 50 Cent, then this track is one that must be heard. It boasts an infectious beat that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the song and features an unforgettable hook that will stick with you throughout its entirety.

He is also adept at delivering his lyrics, which is one of the reasons he has such a devoted fan base. This song is one of his finest, and you won’t be disappointed.

His music ranges across many genres, and this track will leave you wanting more. Though it has some self-aggrandizing lyrics, it manages to leave listeners in a good mood by the time it concludes.

2. Candy Shop

“Candy Shop” was 50 Cent’s third number one single, released in 2004 as the second track on his fifth studio album The Massacre. It became one of his best-selling singles, reaching the top of charts across five different countries including the United States and Australia.

Scott Storch’s song has an unexpectedly good beat and shifts away from G-Unit’s usual grime to a smooth funk factor. Plus, it boasts some of the more captivating lyrics you’ll hear in hip-hop music.

Critics have had mixed opinions on the song, but it proved a huge hit for both 50 Cent’s label and himself. It has been hailed as the greatest hip-hop song of its era, catapulting 50 to international superstardom.

Though “Candy Shop” was certainly the star of the show, it was “Disco Inferno” which truly revolutionized things. Not only was it one of The Massacre’s most memorable and popular songs, but it also served as a testament to 50 Cent and his label being able to do more than just create hip-hop music – this song became their biggest success story and forever altered his career path.

3. How To Rob

Gangster music often tells criminal stories, and 50 Cent’s best songs revolved around bank robbery. His rhymes about breaking into banks and getting away with it combined with his hard-edged retaliation style cemented him as one of hip-hop’s most dangerous artists.

Curtis Jackson found himself in an increasingly hostile environment during his career in music. His violent past made him a prime target for criminals, leading to multiple police investigations into shootings he committed – including an assassination attempt in 2000 that left him with nine gunshot wounds.

He had a successful underground career and earned himself an iconic status within the hip-hop community for being one of its most outspoken rappers. His blunt words had an irresistible appeal that couldn’t be ignored, and his infectious charisma allowed him to connect with anyone who would listen.

He also attracted considerable media coverage, such as from The New York Times and The Source magazine. For a while, he was the most talked-about figure in hip-hop – something which pleased him greatly but also created an immense amount of pressure.

His debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, sold over one million copies – becoming the highest selling rap album of all time at that time. A remarkable accomplishment for a Queens rapper.

His reputation soared, making him a staple on mixtapes – the genre that hip-hop was just starting to embrace in the ’00s. On those tapes he recorded some of his biggest hits.

He also released albums that weren’t as successful. Additionally, he created some of the finest rap music about himself, such as “Ghetto Qu’ran,” a panoramic portrait of Queens drug kingpins.

He was a controversial figure, and even after his success he still faced harassment from the criminal underworld. Additionally, he was sued multiple times; when charged with a felony it proved to be a major setback for his career.

In the midst of all that, he released a song that challenged JAY-Z on Hot 97. Titled “How To Rob,” this track had all the potential of becoming a huge hit and even got JAY-Z to respond on his radio show.

4. 21 Questions

The 21 Questions game is a timeless classic that’s easy to learn and enjoy with any group of people. You can play it online or in person, making it an excellent opportunity for you all to get acquainted better!

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Childish Gambino’s 2013 hit “3005” explores love and existentialism in equal measures, yet also speaks to fear of being alone. With its repeated line “Hol Up,” Gambino promises his partner that no matter what comes his way, he will never leave them no matter what occurs to him.

In the video for “21 Questions,” 50 Cent poses 21 questions to Meagan Good while they’re in jail, on the phone, and visiting in her visiting room. Directed by Phillip Atwell, this clip serves as a mini-movie.

In May 2003, 50’s song reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and made it to the top ten worldwide – becoming his second consecutive chart-topping single and first for Nate Dogg.

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