Best Songs of Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator’s playlist offers something for everyone – whether you’re in search of an upbeat tune or a touching rap. Let’s take a look at some of his best songs together.

Tyler the Creator has always been a master of versatility, evolving from brash hip hop to more refined sounds. An Igbo man from his father’s side, Tyler is an accomplished artist who mixes cranky beats with sentimental soul and R&B for an eclectic sound.

1. I Think

I Think is the opening track from Tyler, The Creator’s latest album IGOR and it may be his most melodic and relatable yet.

In the video, Tyler navigates a bustling club while reflecting on his feelings for an impossibly romantic interest. Donning his signature pastel color-block suit and blonde wig, Tyler takes on this persona of himself.

Watch as dice players knock him out of the bathroom and into a hallway where he searches for someone in the crowd. Eventually, they connect and plan to have a dance together.

Tyler’s two minutes are reflective, yet it ends on a hopeful note. YouTube notes that this is “only part of the video,” suggesting we may get more from him in future.

2. Garden Shed

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3. Garden Shed (Remix)

Garden Shed (Remix) is an impressive track that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing. Not only does it feature some well-known artists such as Estelle and Frank Ocean, but it also features legendary rapper ASAP Rocky on vocals that will have your dance floor lit from dusk till dark!

The best part is that it’s completely free to download! Plus, with the app on your mobile device you can create your own playlist! It’s an ideal way to keep track of all your favorite tunes whether at home or while out and about. So don’t wait any longer – download the app for whatever device works best for you and prepare yourself to experience some of the world’s finest music today.

4. Garden Shed (Instrumental)

Tyler’s latest release, Garden Shed, shows a more introspective and mature side of the artist. It features soulful instrumentals that conjure up summer beach sounds while spotlighting Okonma’s lyrics about loneliness.

The song begins with serene vocals that immediately put listeners in a peaceful state of relaxation. Tyler then proceeds to deliver an inspiring verse about his loneliness, providing yet another great example of how instrumentals can enhance a track without compromising its quality.

Tyler uses the metaphor of a garden shed as an allegory for his closet, where he hides his emotions. He goes on to discuss both the struggles with concealing his sexuality and fear of being perceived differently by those around him.

6. I Think (Remix)

Tyler, The Creator is one of hip-hop’s pioneering polymathic artists, exploring identity and sexuality while drawing from its eclecticism to expand the genre’s vocabulary while remaining grounded. His latest album IGOR explores this further with mood-driven songs that open up your soul.

Remixes are an enjoyable way to breathe new life into a beloved track, and Tyler’s remixes on I Think, The Remixes showcase some of modern music’s finest.

Diverse artists such as Divoli S’vere, Joey LaBeija, Kareem Lofty, Mountain, Nathaniel W James and Dave Quam each add their unique touch to these songs in remixes that remain faithful to the original material beyond simply featuring Kelela’s vocals. This makes the remixes feel more cohesive and complete than many previous albums have before.

7. I Think (Remix)

Tyler Okonma, better known by the stage name Tyler the Creator, is an acclaimed rapper and producer for Odd Future – an innovative hip-hop collective that has achieved international success. Throughout his tenure with Odd Future he also released several solo projects and cemented himself as an influential figure within the hip-hop community.

In 2009, Dr. TC released his debut solo album Bastard to much acclaim from the music industry. The record featured unexpected moments and featured conversations between him and Tyler.

After his debut album’s success, Tyler released several other albums to great critical acclaim. Additionally, he starred in his own hit music video for “Yonkers,” which earned him the 2011 MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist.

8. I Think (Instrumental)

For soul-stirring instrumental pieces, there’s no better option than I Think (Instrumental). This powerful track has the capacity to move you – whether that be with tears of joy, grief, uncertainty, fearfulness or serenity.

Tyler, the Creator is best known as part of hip hop collective Odd Future and has released several solo albums to critical acclaim. Although his rapping style has often been criticised, he has managed to blend unpalatable crudeness with charming sophistication in his lyrics.

His 2009 debut album Bastard marked a turning point for Odd Future and his second solo release Goblin followed suit in 2011, further developing his eerie storytelling. Both records featured dialogues between Tyler and a fictional therapist named Dr. TC who lamented about fame, criticism and hype.

10. I Think (Instrumental)

Tyler, the Creator is one of hip-hop’s most unique artists. His style utilizes samples less than most of his peers and also incorporates synthesizers and electric pianos to accompany his vocal delivery.

He’s one of the most prolific producers, and his latest album “Igor” recently earned a Grammy for Best Rap Album. It defies expectations while still managing to captivate listeners.

Tyler takes a step away from his usual harsh sound on this track and incorporates more melodic elements. The instrumental features a soft drum baseline and subtle synth keyboard lines, creating an altogether soothing atmosphere.

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