How Many Instruments Did Prince Play?

Prince is a singer-songwriter, musician and actor renowned for his daring stage presence, extravagant fashion sense and creative use of makeup.

He was an accomplished musician, capable of playing guitars, drums, bass and keyboards. Additionally he used synthesizers in his compositions.

Electric Guitar

Prince was an acclaimed and versatile musician renowned for his creativity, passion, vision, compositions, and arrangements. His expansive repertoire featured various instruments such as piano, electric guitar, bass, drums, organ and flute.

Prince was an expert player of many instruments, but his signature instrument was the electric guitar. This instrument served as his primary means for creating new music and was featured prominently in both live recordings and studio sessions.

Prince not only played electric guitar onstage and in the studio, but a variety of other instruments as well. These included Hohner Madcat Telecaster, Cloud Guitar and Oberheim OB-8 Synthesizer.

Prince often used the Hohner Madcat Telecaster guitar on albums such as Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999 and Musicology. Its distinctive scratchy tone complemented Prince’s unique playing style perfectly and it became a staple for all his tours.

Acoustic Guitar

Prince is widely considered one of the greatest guitarists ever. He also excelled at drums, bass and keyboards both live onstage and in the studio.

He owned several instruments, but one of the most iconic was his Hohner Madcat Telecaster. This copycat of the Fender model featured an ash body and tortoise pick guard, just like its Fender counterpart.

His electronic funk style was perfectly complemented by this guitar. He could effortlessly switch between soft, melodic tones and high-pitched leads with ease.

Prince was passionate about playing guitars that expressed his individual style and personality. To make them even more personal, he customized them with engraving and used them for larger-than-life performances onstage.


Prince was an exceptional musician who showcased an unparalleled level of creativity, passion, vision, composition and arrangement skills when creating records.

He was an expert musician, often incorporating multiple instruments into his live performances – piano, drums and guitar included. However, it is said that he was best known for his bass playing which played a significant role in all his compositions.

His bass lines were always unique and inventive. He could deliver powerful low end both live and in the studio.

Prince was a self-taught musician who collaborated with some of the greatest bassists in the business. He gained notoriety for his ability to make the bass sound like it was playing as a lead instrument, an ability which inspired many other bassists.


Prince Rogers Nelson, better known by his stage name Prince, was an accomplished musician. He had many talents: singer-songwriter, guitarist and dancer – creating many different genres of music in the process.

His remarkable talent and unique instrument skills made him a legend in the music industry. His arrival revolutionized how we view musicians, revolutionizing how we view talent in general.

He was renowned for his proficiency on a range of instruments, such as pianos and drums. Additionally, he had an innate knack for composition and arrangement of music.

At the age of seven, he began playing piano; by 14 years old, he had already acquired proficiency on guitar and drums. Throughout his career, he collaborated with numerous musicians.


Prince was an expert musician, but his drums were especially influential to his sound. On albums he utilized both real drums as well as synthesized ones in various arrangements.

He was one of the first artists to utilize Roger Linn’s Linn LM-1 drum computer on his recordings. He would radically retune samples on the LM-1 and feed them through his Boss pedal board for distinctive drum sounds featured throughout many of his albums.

Prince achieved something very unique with the LM-1 that no other drummer had ever accomplished: using its mixer, he could take traditional percussion instruments such as clave and handclaps and process them through various effects pedals to create an entirely new drum sound.

He was an innovative visionary who used technology with talent and daring, creating a signature style that continues to inspire musicians today. MD had the chance to sit down with Michael Bland, who played guitar for seven years with Prince in the New Power Generation and was featured prominently during their live shows during Purple Rain and Lovesexy periods.


Prince was an accomplished keyboardist, particularly when writing and recording his music. His collection included various keyboards such as an Oberheim OB-X, Arp Omni-2 and Hohner Clavinet.

Prince was fond of sampling, using Fairlight and E-mu EMAX samplers on his albums ‘Batdance’ and singles like “Burning Love.”

Prince’s backing band, The Revolution, featured several keyboardists including Matt Fink – Prince’s longest-serving keyboardist. He joined the group in 1979 and remained until 1991.

Prince used a Yamaha DX7 digital programmable algorithm synthesizer on his iconic 1984 album Purple Rain, which is now up for auction with Music Radar and estimated to sell for approximately $25,950 (PS19,950).


Prince was a musical giant renowned for his mastery of various instruments such as guitars, basses, drums, keyboards and more. He had an exceptional piano playing ability as well as playing trumpet on many of his albums.

He was an accomplished musician who loved to explore different sounds and styles. His signature style was daring and distinctive, which he employed to craft some remarkable music.

The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments in music, having been around since ancient times. It can be found across cultures and has many roles within ensembles such as classical orchestral playing or jazz improvisation.

Playing this instrument offers several captivating features, such as microtones and valve tremolo. These elements allow players to craft beautiful and unique music with ease.

Prince was an expert at all types of instruments, and he often switched between them while performing live or in the studio. It takes dedication to learn these diverse instruments, so he was no easy feat!


Saxophones are one of the most versatile instruments. They can be used in a variety of music genres, such as pop, rock, jazz and even hip-hop. Saxophones make perfect instruments for musicians looking to create an exciting sound.

Prince had a deep-seated passion for the saxophone, featuring it on several of his albums and touring with it during shows that allowed him to perform in front of thousands of people and showcase his skill.

Prince was an expert saxophonist, mastering this instrument with precision and dedication. Although it can be one of the more challenging instruments to learn how to play, his playing was impeccable – testament to his dedication and talent.

He was an incredibly talented musician, which quickly made him popular with his fans. Throughout the course of his illustrious career and still active today in the music industry, his fans never failed to be amazed by him.


Prince has always included the violin in his music, often used to create captivating main riffs that last almost an entire minute. Prince displays true mastery over this instrument with great authority throughout Purple Rain.

Another advantage of playing the violin is its portability; you can play for hours without getting tired. Whether on an electric guitar or an acoustic, playing it can be very relaxing and even help with concentration if you’re practicing before a big concert. But remember not to get carried away; staying within your comfort zone while playing can really benefit your playing. This may be challenging for some people but will ultimately benefit your skill set in the long run.

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