Is Mary on a Cross a Satanic Song?

Ghost’s surreal song “Mary on a Cross” has gained notoriety thanks to its viral TikTok video and has since become their fourth gold-certified single.

Despite this, there are multiple interpretations of the song’s message. Some believe it to be a sexual ode, while others speculate that it refers to an addictive drug.

Is it blasphemous?

Hard rock or occult music fans may have heard Ghost’s song “Mary on a cross.” It has become their most popular track on Spotify and even made it onto Billboard Hot 100 singles chart! But is it blasphemous?

Lead vocalist Tobias Forge of The Preatures often pairs sacrilegious lyrical imagery with sweet, catchy pop-rock hooks – which is why “Mary on a cross” quickly went viral on TikTok and is now the most-streamed song on Spotify.

However, many are questioning if the satanic-rock band’s latest psychedelic hit is actually blasphemous. There are various interpretations online; some Reddit users contend the lyrics reflect a sexual act while others suggest it’s an ode to Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator’s romantic relationship.

One person suggests the word ‘cross’ could be used to signify intimacy or sexual penetration. He further adds that the phrase “going down” in the song sounds similar to marijuana – a drug which has long been used for illicit sexual activity.

Ultimately, it’s your decision whether or not “Mary on a cross” is a satanic song. However, for those who may be uncertain, we’ve outlined the main points of contention and how they could be interpreted.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at the lyrics and trying to decipher what they signify. Notably, the lyric hero compares his chosen one to the Virgin Mary – an act considered blasphemy by most religious beliefs as she was mother to Jesus.

Second, the lyrical hero conveys his insistence on staying with his chosen one and partner, wanting to tickle her from within. This is an explicit reference to oral sex and another possible use for the term ‘cross’.

Ghost’s lyrics to “Mary on a cross” are filled with double meanings, none of them religious in nature. Instead, they reflect the band’s occult universe of mysterious, enigmatic and sometimes macabre themes.

Is it a love song?

Mary on a Cross is a song performed by Swedish rock band Ghost that was released in 2019 and quickly went viral on TikTok last month.

The title track from Ghost’s third EP Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic was co-written by Salem Al Fakir, Tobias Forge and Vincent Pontare; Gene Walker and Forge also produced it.

Though religious in origin, this song has a seductive vibe. Particularly, the chorus delves into sexual territory with allusions to internal tickling and oral sex. Furthermore, the lyrics suggest that the addressee is enjoying some good old-fashioned ganja – leading some to speculate that this might be considered a pro-marijuana song.

Many have drawn comparisons between the song and film “Ghost,” which featured an image of a woman lying on her side with a cross over her head. Some commentators even labeled the song as blasphemous.

However, it’s essential to note that if you read the song carefully, there is nothing blasphemous in it. Instead, the lyrics depict two lovers making sacrifices for one another.

One way this can be seen is in the chorus, which compares the lovebirds to Holy Mary – an allusion to Jesus’ mother who was crucified for her beliefs.

Another way this can be seen is through the song’s phrasing and repetition, particularly in reference to “Mary on a cross” which appears repeatedly throughout.

Additionally, it’s worth highlighting that the lyrics contain numerous religious allusions. This contrasts with their earlier albums which were less spiritually focused.

It is worth pointing out that Ghost’s original lineup consisted of members from the 1960s, who were drawn to psychedelic rock music. This stands in stark contrast to their modern-day rendition, which leans more toward rock music.

No matter the interpretation of Mary on a cross, it’s an infectious tune that has been beloved among Ghost fans for years. It features prominently on three of their most successful albums and can often be heard during live performances – testament to why this band has gained such a devoted worldwide following.

Is it a religious song?

The lyrics of occult rock band Ghost’s “Mary on a cross” have caused controversy, with some people alleging it to be blasphemous. On the contrary, others have pointed out that it is actually more religious in nature than one might expect.

Recently, Tobias Forge from the band The Fray clarified that their lyrics are not intended to be offensive but do carry a religious significance. He explained that the song is about love between two people and should not be seen as offensive. Furthermore, they claim it does not refer to Mary as such but instead highlights a woman who suffers in similar ways to Jesus did.

Ghost’s lead singer compares his female partner to Mary on a cross in the chorus. This comparison symbolizes Mary’s ultimate sacrifice for her son and the agony she endured as she carried him on her shoulders.

Though the lyrics are cryptic and humorous, they still contain several sexual references. The vocalist suggests he wants to never let her go, which can be interpreted as a romantic song.

Another sexual reference is the phrase, “Not just another bloody Mary.” This refers to a popular cocktail and may have been an allusion to Mary, which in Christianity is used as the name of Jesus’ mother.

Finally, the chorus is filled with a slow-paced beat and subtle reverb – this has made the song such a hit amongst the TikTok generation. Its new type of release has truly captured their attention, leading to streaming success for its creator.

The slow-down version of the song has since gone viral and topped Spotify’s chart for most streams. This has propelled it to greater fame than ever before – it’s been listened to over 210 million times on Spotify alone.

In addition to the slowed-down version of their song, the band also released a slowed-down version of their original composition. This has become an instant hit with the TikTok community and reignited interest in the beloved tune.

Is it a satanic song?

Mary on a Cross is one of the most beloved songs from Swedish rock band Ghost. It appears on their 2019 EP Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, released in September. Since then it has become the most played track on Spotify and even featured in an official TikTok based on Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things.

The lyrics of this blasphemous song have been interpreted in a variety of ways, and no single interpretation is definitive. Some fans believe that “Mary on a cross” refers to sexual act; however, it can also be read as an allegory for marijuana consumption.

No matter its interpretation, one thing is certain: this song is about a woman who suffers like Jesus did. That makes it both a love song and religious hymn.

Ghost, a band that uses occult and satanic imagery in their music, often explores themes of blasphemy and perversion of religious concepts in their work. This is especially evident on their latest album which contains several compositions that address such subjects.

The satanic band has faced harsh criticism in the past, with some major publications even going so far as to call their work blasphemous. Despite this, they have stood by their work and promised to keep making fun of religion.

Given these criticisms, it is worthwhile to examine Ghost’s history and their connection to Satanic culture. Doing so will enable you to comprehend why their songs have been labeled satanic by some critics.

Legend has it that Ghost is a band affiliated with Satanic clergy since 1960s. Their backstory revolves around Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator as their leader and villain, respectively.

On their seventh studio album, Ghost revisited some of their past work. They reissued two songs written by an early lineup of Ghost in 1969: “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary on a Cross.”

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