Kay Flock – Rapper, Singer, and Media Face

Kay Flock is an American rapper and singer based in New York with an estimated net worth of $1 million.

He is 18 years old and from the Bronx. A naturalized US citizen, he practices Christianity.

As a child, he became fascinated with hip-hop and rapping. He performed songs written by himself, which earned him recognition and admiration from those in the community.


Kay Flock is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and media personality renowned for his impressive writing abilities and captivating singing voice. At a young age, he gained notoriety within the industry.

He is an active social media user with a large following on Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, his YouTube channel has seen tremendous success.

Kay has achieved success throughout his career, releasing numerous songs that have won over fans’ hearts. Additionally, he recently signed with a major record label.

His debut single “FTO” quickly gained notoriety and cemented his place as a star. Since then, he has released several other hit tracks.

In 2021, he released his debut mixtape The D.O.A. Tape which skyrocketed to #1 on the Heatseekers Albums chart. Additionally, his song “Shake It,” featuring Cardi B and Dougie B, became a hit.

In October 2021, he made an appearance on Lil Tjay’s single “Not in the Mood,” which peaked at 61 on Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, Billboard named him November Hip Hop Rookie of the Month for that same month.


Kay flock is an American rapper and singer renowned for his remarkable voice and writing abilities. Recently signed to Capitol Records, he boasts an adoring fanbase.

He has released several songs, such as Opp Spotter, Brotherly Love and Is Ya Ready. Additionally, he maintains an Instagram account.

His social media posts have amassed millions of views, and he currently boasts 442k followers.

Kay flock has a passion for music and hopes to one day play basketball professionally. A native of the Bronx, his heritage includes Puerto Rican and Dominican descent.

He is 19 years old and was born on April 20, 2003 in the United States of America. Since 2021 he has been active in the music industry, releasing one mixtape and several singles.


Kay flock is an acclaimed American rapper renowned for his powerful voice and songwriting abilities. He has released numerous hits throughout his career, cementing himself as one of music’s most sought-after artists.

His debut single, FTO, quickly went viral on the internet and cemented him as a superstar. Additionally, in 2021 he released The D.O.A Tape as part of an extensive mixtape tour.

Recently, the Bronx drill rapper was indicted by a federal grand jury on racketeering conspiracy charges. These add to his mounting legal issues which already include his 2021 murder charge and other legal issues.

The rapper was born on April 20, 2003 in the United States and celebrates his birthday annually on that date. He has a brother and two sisters but there are no photos of them online.


Kay Flock is an acclaimed American rapper whose success stems from his hits “Shake It” and “Being Honest.” In 2021 he released his debut mixtape The D.O.A Tape.

He has also featured in commercials for Chanel and Dior. A person of mixed ethnicity, he holds American nationality and citizenship.

His mother instilled in him the importance of manners and etiquette from an early age. He holds her in high regard, appreciating all of her support throughout his life.

On April 20, 2003, The rapper was born in the Bronx, New York to a laborer father and mother who takes care of their family.

He is currently in high school and hopes to accomplish something great in his career. To make that happen, he’s working hard to reach those goals.

Kevin Perez is his real name and was born on April 20, 2003. He is of mixed ethnicity with Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestry, as well as being a naturalized American citizen who practices Christianity.


Kay Flock, an American rapper, has been arrested in a murder case. He is accused of shooting and killing a man outside a Harlem barbershop on December 16, 2021.

Kay was born on April 20th 2003 and is of Puerto Rican heritage. He shares a blood relative with fellow Bronx rapper DThang Gz on his father’s side of the family.

As a youngster, Kay enjoyed playing basketball and dreamed of becoming an NBA star. While honing his craft in basketball, he discovered hip-hop music and began rapping.

After creating a song, he posted it online and people began to recognize his talent.

Eventually, he achieved fame through the release of several songs with his friend B-Lovee.

He is an American rapper who achieved success through a series of successful singles. Additionally, in 2021 he released his mixtape and was featured on Lil Tjay’s track “Not in the Mood.” Through his music career, he has become widely popular and now commands an impressive fortune.


Kay Flock is an American rapper and singer that will turn 19 on April 20, 2003 in the Bronx, New York. Currently signed to Capitol Records, his career has taken him around the country.

He boasts an incredible voice and has earned recognition for his songwriting talents. His songs have become viral sensations on social media platforms, garnering a lot of attention in the process.

He started out playing basketball and had aspirations of becoming a professional player; however, hip-hop captured his heart when he discovered it.

In 2020, Kay Flock released his debut single “FTO,” and quickly gained an online following. The song became a hit and marked the beginning of what would become his big break.

His career took off when he was featured in a track by Lil Tjay. This song reached number 61 on Billboard Hot 100 and marked his first major hit.

Kay Flock also released several other songs such as “Is Ya Ready,” and “Being Honest,” a sample taken from XXXTentacion’s “Changes.” Pitchfork described this latter track as sounding similar to G Herbo.


Kay Flock is a renowned rapper, singer-songwriter and musician from the Bronx. He’s renowned for his exceptional writing abilities and distinctive voice.

He began his music career in 2020 and has seen tremendous success since. He has released multiple songs and is signed to Capitol Records.

His debut mixtape The DOA Tape was released in 2021 and skyrocketed to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. His single “Not In The Mood” peaked at number 61 on that same list.

At 19 years old, The Bronx rapper is widely considered to be a young talent in the industry. He began his music career as an artist at an early age and has already achieved great success so far.

Kay Flock stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. With a brown complexion and inked tattoos on his neck, he is an acclaimed rapper with 3.1 million subscribers on Spotify.


Kay Flock, popular rapper from the Bronx, New York, USA was born on April 20, 2003 and currently holds a age of 19 years. He has two siblings.

He became a devout Christian at an early age. To further his education, he attended elementary school to receive its fundamental principles.

Kay flock is not only a rapper but an avid sports fan as well. He plays basketball and hopes to one day become a professional player.

His parents are believed to be of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, though the rapper primarily identifies himself as an American citizen.

Kay Flock, 19 years old and an up-and-coming rapper, has already released several songs and gained a large fan base. He’s collaborated with numerous notable artists including Cardi B who was featured in his 2022 single Shake It. Additionally, he released The D.O.A Tape which was recorded in 2021 and received numerous awards for his work.

Net Worth

Kay Flock is a renowned rapper, singer-songwriter, music artist, and controversial figure from the Bronx. He has released multiple songs that have gained him many fans around the world.

He boasts an amazing voice and remarkable songwriting talents. He’s renowned for his unique flow and catchy lyrics that capture listeners’ attention.

He not only performs rap music, but he also plays guitar and bass instruments. With an enthusiastic fan base and lucrative music career under his belt, the young artist has achieved great success.

His net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Most of his income comes from his music career and social media presence.

Despite his success, he has kept details of his wealth and assets private. His luxurious residence includes an extensive jewelry collection as well.

On April 20, 2003, he was born in the Bronx, New York to a laborer working at a small factory and his mother who serves as homemaker and caregiver to their family.

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