Slipknot – What Genre Is Slipknot Music From?

Slipknot are an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa that formed in 1995 and has released multiple albums since.

The band’s music has been heavily influenced by various genres such as thrash metal, hard rock and nu-metal. But one genre in particular has had the biggest impact on their style: metalcore.


Metalcore was still relatively unknown when Slipknot formed, and it took them some time to establish themselves as an influential act. Ultimately, though, they earned themselves their own label with Ferret Records and created a sound that was heavily influenced by hardcore punk music – something which set them apart from other metalcore bands of its era. Their sophomore album Dreamers and Deadmen remains one of the key records that helped define metalcore’s sound for many years to come.

On this album, Norma Jean and vocalist Josh Scogin push metalcore’s aggressive side to its limits. It’s rawer, harder, and more sincere than many of its mainstream metalcore predecessors; yet it also includes moments of defiance and satire that don’t fit under the “thrashcore” label.

They were among the earliest metalcore bands to incorporate a more “nu-metal” sound, which has become increasingly commonplace within the genre. Their debut LP Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (Solid State) serves as an early example of this trend, incorporating heavy metal heaviness into more melodic compositions.

Some early ’90s metalcore acts weren’t sure about this new direction, but Nora were one of the most forward-thinking. Their second album was released on Ferret label and marked an early sign that metalcore’s darker, more aggressive side would return.

Their first single off this LP, “Attack of the Killer,” featured some truly disturbing lyrical content. It detailed a case of a woman being buried alive and was eventually cut from their debut LP due to its graphic depiction. Fortunately, it was rereleased on Employed to Serve’s digital cover comp and has since been covered by other bands as well.

Conjurer are a UK band with an aesthetic similar to Palm Reader, yet their cover adds more drama and nuance. It may not be considered heavy metal per se, but this song uses an aroused chorus along with panic chords for tension-filled atmosphere.

Thrash metal

When Slipknot released their debut album in 1998, they were quickly labeled as part of the nu-metal scene even though they had no intention of fitting into that genre. Despite having no desire to fit into it, they found themselves labeled as such nonetheless.

Nevertheless, they managed to cultivate a fan base; and after their debut LP was released in the spring of 2000, they quickly rose to become one of the top heavy metal acts worldwide. Furthermore, they received numerous accolades such as the Best New Band award at the 2000 Metal Hammer Awards.

The band’s style is defined by a high level of energy and speed, combining elements from thrash metal with black metal’s abrasiveness and crust punk’s aggressiveness. Lyrically content can range from harsh to humorous; often critical of both establishment figures or Christian dogma.

Thrash metal first emerged in Europe during the early 1980s. Bands such as Venom from Newcastle upon Tyne, Accept and Tank are widely credited with being its founders in Britain; German acts such as Living Death, Kreator and Destruction also had an influential role.

By the late 1990s, thrash metal had spread worldwide; many bands from Germany and England as well as Switzerland, Russia, Poland and Hungary joined in. Notable names from this era include Metallica, Megadeth Slayer Testament Overkill Havok.

While some bands continue to record in their original styles, others have altered their sound to be more mainstream-friendly. For instance, Trivium has become much more radio friendly over time and has toned down much of their abrasiveness.

It’s essential to recognize there are various sub-genres within metal music. People often categorize music into these genres to make it simpler to locate what they need. While this can be beneficial in finding what you’re searching for, it could also prove annoying at times.

Hard rock

Hard rock is an eclectic genre combining elements of metal and rock music. Bands in this genre are typically known for their heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

Slipknot are an iconic hard rock band that has been around for two and a half decades. Their career has seen them receive numerous accolades and they have sold over 30 million records worldwide, helping to shape a new generation of heavy metal bands.

They are renowned for their frenetic live performances that often involve elaborate stage setups, pyrotechnics and intense crowd participation. Their music is marked by harsh guitar riffs, intense drumming and fast-paced lyrics reminiscent of metalcore.

The band is renowned for their daring live shows that feature stage dives and headbanging. In the past, they’ve even included acts of violence like band members setting each other afire.

Corey Taylor’s singing style is the band’s signature feature, particularly on songs like ‘Yen’ and ‘Finale’. Aside from their loud riffs, these songs boast deep vocals and subtle melodies that add another layer to their soundscape.

These tracks possess an emotional depth that makes them popular with fans. Despite their age, they still deliver a lot of energy and aggression to listeners.

Slipknot’s debut album, 1999’s Slipknot, is one of the heaviest releases the band has ever released. Filled with thunderous riffs that are deeply rooted in grindcore music, this record stands as one of the band’s heaviest records to date.

Iowa, the band’s sophomore release, is much heavier and more violent in sound. The opening track ‘People = Shit’ is a fiery burst of raw aggression sure to get your blood boiling.

Startling off the album in this manner sets a great mood and sets the stage for what lies ahead. Tracks like ‘H 377’ and ‘The Chapeltown Rag’ feature Slipknot’s trademark hard riffs, while others like ‘Yen’ or ‘Finale’ focus on deep emotional lyrics reminiscent of death metal.

Alternative rock

Slipknot are known for incorporating various genres into their music, including metal with hip hop. This unique blend of sounds has earned them a loyal fan base over the years.

Slipknot may not be the most popular of alternative metal bands, but their history of creating excellent music that’s hard to dislike is undeniable. Their latest release We are not your kind is no exception to this rule.

In 1995, Shawn Crahan, drummer Joey Jordison and bassist Paul Gray formed the band in Des Moines, Iowa with percussionist Shawn Crahan, drummer Joey Jordison and bassist Paul Gray. Through their live shows they quickly gained notoriety and signed with Roadrunner Records after recording their self-titled debut in 1999.

Slipknot’s songs feature heavy metal elements as well as rapping and electronic influences. These influences can be heard throughout their albums, and this ability to mix different genres has helped them remain popular over the years.

Corey Taylor’s vocals have been an essential element of their sound, effectively conveying the band’s message through songs like Duality with an incredible range that no other musician in their genre can match.

Their style of lyrical content has earned the band an unmistakable reputation for extreme metal, and this success has allowed them to build a large fan base over the years. Their first album was an instant classic, and since then they’ve toured extensively with most shows drawing large crowds.

They have performed with many of metal’s biggest acts, including Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden. Furthermore, they have an established relationship with Knotfest; performing at every year since it started.

Slipknot have achieved a great deal, yet their history is not without its challenges. Tragically, there have been reports of people dying at their concerts over the years.

In 2005, a 21-year-old student from Michigan died during a show and in 2009 an elderly concertgoer suffered fatal cardiac arrest at 29 years of age. These tragedies are not unheard-of but they remain tragic nonetheless.

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