The Most Popular Songs From Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin fans know their music is often filled with heartbreak and dark themes, yet that doesn’t make the songs any less powerful or beautiful.

Since 2001, frontman Benjamin Burnley has created catchy melodic songs with poignant lyrics inspired by various illnesses, neuroses and personal struggles. Here are some of the most popular tracks from their extensive catalog.

1. Blow Me Away

If you’re a fan of Halo 2 and Breaking Benjamin, then you may be familiar with their contribution to the video game’s soundtrack: Blow Me Away. This year it has been officially certified platinum by RIAA – making it one of the most popular songs by the Pennsylvania rock group.

This song is a timeless breakup ballad that showcases the band’s talent for using unconventional noise to express inner turmoil. The screams in the background serve to illustrate the emotional turmoil associated with parting ways with someone you care about.

This song’s lyrics are profound and inspiring. They speak of someone struggling with depression, feeling like there is no hope in the world.

They express how they long for life again and are willing to do anything to get better. This song is perfect for anyone struggling with depression who needs encouragement that there are people out there willing to help them out.

“Failure,” another song on this list with a powerful message, is one of the standouts. This song describes the lead singer’s struggle to find something in life which gives him purpose again; it also illustrates that everyone experiences struggles at some point and failure is part of that journey.

This song is a must-listen for fans of breaking Benjamin and heavy rock music. It boasts an exquisite melody, delicate instrumentation, and powerful vocals that will make you feel the emotion behind every word. This is one of their best and most popular compositions.

2. Close To Heaven

One of the most beloved songs from breaking Benjamin, Close To Heaven is an upbeat number featuring Neil Tennant’s distinctive vocals. The message behind the song revolves around that familiar feeling of being so close yet so far–being extremely close to something desirable yet feeling completely distant at once.

This breakin benjamin song’s lyrics are surprisingly honest and heartfelt, despite their heavy electronic manipulation. Additionally, it’s one of few songs on this album to feature a full band with guitarist Burnley and bassist Mark Klepaski performing their instruments throughout.

This song is expertly crafted and beautifully lyrically complex, with some intriguing recurring themes that make it easy to connect to. The first motif revolves around the idea that people long to go to heaven but are not quite ready to pass away yet.

However, another theme is even more significant: that no matter what happens to us on earth, our soul will remain intact. That is why this song is so inspiring and touching.

No surprise that Close To Heaven is one of the most beloved breaking Benjamin songs. Its powerful, heartfelt, and upbeat sound will surely bring out the best in all listeners.

The band’s most recent studio effort, Aurora, is an updated rendition of some of their biggest hits. It marks the group’s first album with guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark Klepaski, pushing the envelope of their established style further. Additionally, guests include Cold frontman Scooter Ward, Saint Asonia vocalist Adam Gontier and Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain.

3. The Dark Of You

Breaking Benjamin has always had a powerful presence, whether through their incendiary lyrics or powerful music. Their latest album Ember has already become an international success with tracks featuring on many playlists around the globe.

Since 1999, Pennsylvania-based band has stayed true to their core sound and achieved tremendous success. Their albums have sold millions of copies, earning three RIAA certified platinum records as well as various singles. Furthermore, they’re one of the most unique acts within heavy music genre.

They’re an innovative band that blends grunge lite with broken lyrics to create an unmistakably unique style of music. At a time when bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam made heavy music uncool, these guys have done something truly remarkable with their sound.

Their first single, “Polyamorous,” caught the attention of a local DJ and was soon followed by their debut album Saturate. Although its success didn’t quite translate to mainstream success, it gave the band an advantage and enabled them to sign with Hollywood Records.

The Dark Of You is a song that captures the feelings of those who have loved someone but never received their heart’s desire in return. Although depressing, its powerful message still resonates through its lyrics and rough-clipped guitar work.

This song can help you cope with your own failures and serve as a great reminder that even in difficult times there are ways to rise again. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue, but everyone can identify with its sentiment.

4. Angels Fall

The most beloved Benjamin song is Angels Fall, taken from their second album Saturate. This track epitomizes the band’s post-grunge style and has cemented their reputation as one of the premier metal acts worldwide.

The band’s success can be attributed to the fact that their music has been enjoyed by listeners of all ages. Plus, each song boasts catchy choruses which make them easy to sing along to.

Breaking Benjamin are a post-grunge rock band formed in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania by lead vocalist Ben Burnley and drummer Jeremy Hummel. They quickly gained notoriety within the local music scene and signed with MCA Records in 2001.

Over the following decade, Breaking Benjamin continued their successful touring and released several studio albums. After a six-year hiatus, they returned with Dark Before Dawn in 2015 and Ember two years later in 2018.

Burnley, as the group’s main songwriter, is responsible for much of their music. He also wrote the lyrics to many of its songs and plays an integral role in producing its music videos.

Since 2011, Burnley has been the sole original member of the band, with Aaron Fink and Mark Klepaski departing in 2011. Their departure sparked an internal legal battle within the group which ultimately resulted in their dismissal as both guitarists.

In addition to his musical career, Burnley is also an accomplished writer and frequent contributor to various publications. Additionally, he has authored several books on rock music.

Angels Fall’s setting in a church during an impending nuclear disaster symbolizes the rise of technology and decline of traditional values. It offers an insightful examination of how humans have become addicted to modern conveniences.

5. Medicate

Since 2001, lead singer/guitarist Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin has channeled his band’s creativity with music and lyrics that reflect the trials and tribulations in his personal life. This includes alcohol abuse, failed relationships, lineup turmoil, phobias, as well as an undiagnosed debilitating condition which caused him severe discomfort.

Breaking Benjamin began their career with grunge-lite rock, drawing comparisons to Nirvana and Creed. But over time, the Pennsylvania metal group transitioned into a more mainstream sound which earned them spots on major music festivals stages across America.

Though their sound has evolved, they remain committed to their signature trebly bass and hard rock rhythms. Dark Before Dawn marked a shift away from their previous acoustic rock sound but nonetheless showed that the band was beginning to branch out musically.

The Medicate track from Breaking Benjamin’s third album, Phobia, is one of their most beloved hits. It has been praised as one of the greatest songs ever composed and continues to garner critical acclaim.

Its lyrics are deeply felt, as they depict a relationship that has become troubled. Additionally, it highlights the difficulties and emotions experienced when trying to overcome problems. This song serves as an excellent example of how powerful yet tender and vulnerable lyrics can be from this band.

The Medicate song has become one of Breaking Benjamin’s most beloved tracks in recent years, with fans voting it as their favorite single. It’s an amazing track that has become a staple in their live set.

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