What Genre is Steve Lacy?

Steve Lacy is a singer-songwriter from Compton, California renowned for his alternative R&B and soul music that incorporates pop, funk and indie rock elements. As such, his career in the industry has seen great success.

Lacy began producing music at a young age. He used his iPhone to craft beats and eventually moved on to producing more serious material when he joined Jameel Bruner’s band The Internet.

Alternative R&B

If you’ve been paying attention to music lately, chances are you’ve heard about Steve Lacy. He’s an American singer-songwriter with an avant-garde alternative R&B sound who has been creating music for several years now; however, it wasn’t until his debut album Apollo XXI that people took notice of him.

His music blends elements of soul, funk, jazz and pop to create an intriguing hybrid sound. His lyrics often focus on love and relationships while using experimental production techniques for added appeal.

Lacy is an accomplished songwriter with an incredible voice. As such, his music can create a calming, emotional atmosphere for listeners to enjoy.

He began by producing beats on his iPhone, but is now an accomplished musician with two albums released so far which have both achieved great success.

When I first heard of Steve Lacy, I thought he was an intriguing artist with a distinctive alternative r&b style. His song “Dark Red” is the perfect example of this style; it has a fun feel yet its catchy melody keeps you wanting to listen again and again.

With the release of his debut album, Apollo XXI, Lacy quickly gained recognition among both listeners and publications alike. Since then he has released several singles and continues to receive widespread acclaim.

With his second album, Gemini Rights, he has managed to reach the top of Billboard charts with his hit song “Bad Habit.” It’s become a sleeper hit on Spotify and TikTok, as well as being nominated for two Grammy awards.

Lacy offers a distinctive brand of alternative r&b that draws inspiration from both the 90s and the newest wave. His voice is amazing, while his music exudes calmness and tranquility.

He has an impressive guitar background, and has enjoyed a successful career so far. He’s released several songs, and recently completed touring in the UK with his band. As someone who I anticipate staying around for some time, I highly recommend checking out his music.


In the 1990s, many R&B artists such as D’Angelo and Erykah Badu popularized Neo Soul. This genre fused traditional soul music with contemporary styles and beats from jazz, hip hop, funk, and pop music.

Neo Soul has an intriguing etymology: while it implies modernity, the term also conveys a strong sense of “soul” as an eternal musical element. This makes sense for the music found within Neo Soul genre – which blends classic R&B with contemporary influences from jazz and funk to hip hop.

Lacy is an up-and-coming artist whose sound draws inspiration from classic soul without becoming outdated. His style offers a refreshing change from contemporary R&B’s slick, drum machine driven rhythms. His sweet guitar production and captivating vocals perfectly encapsulate the neo-soul genre.

Steve Lacy is only 21 years old but already has an adoring fanbase. He’s a member of R&B group The Internet and has produced songs for Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Solange. His debut EP Apollo XXI showcases his sweet vocal range on guitar-driven tracks.

Neo-soul is an inspiring genre, boasting socially aware lyrics and a powerful female presence. It blends soul music with jazz and hip hop fusion that was born in the late 1990s and achieved widespread popularity during neo-soul revival era.

Neo-soul has seen a resurgence of the soul music movement, bringing an array of acoustic and electronic sounds to a contemporary audience. Critics hail this blend of soul and funk as a revitalization of an age-old genre that continues to thrive today.

One of the major trends in neo-soul is a return of covers. Covers can range from simple to complex, but some of the most popular include songs from the ’70s by artists such as James Brown or Alicia Keys.

One trend within neo-soul music is a return of jazz piano music. Robert Glasper has been one of the key innovators in this movement, reimagining classic jazz compositions and fusing them with contemporary soul sounds.


Lo-Fi music is a genre that involves creating it from scratch with home studios and beat-making software. The lyrics often reflect an unease-infused mood. Lacy has been making music for years now, perfecting this genre to the point where he now has several albums under his belt and has gained notoriety within alternative R&B circles.

Lacy began his career as a producer, working with numerous artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Goldlink and Vampire Weekend. Additionally, he produced music for his own band The Internet.

His most recent album, The Lo-Fis, is a compilation of SoundCloud throwaways, leaks, demos and instrumentals. At only 25 minutes long, it includes 15 songs that last anywhere from 1-4 minutes in rough shape but still manage to deliver some quality entertainment.

Atomic Vomit, the opening track, has an old school hip-hop vibe with funky drums and bass riffs. It has a very sloppy sound, as if Lacy were under the influence while singing about a party he attended.

Bad Habit, Lacy’s own creation, is a slower-paced song with an amazing guitar riff. It doesn’t stop at any sort of chorus or flanger effect and has an uptempo neo-soul vibe to it.

Lacy has shown his talent with this song, which takes just one and a half minutes to complete. Not only does it showcase different instruments and tempos, but its length also serves to demonstrate just how versatile he can be as an artist.

If you haven’t heard Steve Lacy’s work before, it is definitely worth giving a listen. His sampler gives an excellent representation of his style of music and gives an indication of what you can expect when full-length albums come out. Additionally, this shows just how talented he is as both artist and singer-songwriter; there are some upcoming releases worth checking out too!

Indie Rock

Lacy is an internationally-renowned singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer whose music has earned him widespread recognition. He’s collaborated with artists like Denzel Curry, Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar among others; additionally he produced songs for Solange, Kali Uchis and Vampire Weekend as well.

He is widely considered a major force in the indie rock, lo-fi and neo-soul scene. He’s performed with numerous notable bands such as Paramore and Weezer on tour, plus released several popular singles that have gone viral.

Recently, Lacy shared his top indie and rock influences. He also discussed how he got started in music and what has enabled him to reach where he is today.

He draws heavily from Paramore and Weezer for inspiration, but also draws from unexpected sources such as Vampire Weekend and Dirty Projectors. With his unique blend of influences, he creates his own style and sounds.

At the age of 16, he discovered his passion for music and began playing guitar. While at school, he met Jameel Bruner and they formed a band together that would go on to become huge successes, eventually charting at number one on the charts with their album Ego Death.

After that, he began producing his own songs and began collaborations with other artists. Eventually, he rose to become an iconic singer-songwriter and musician; many of his releases have gone viral on TikTok, including “Bad Habit,” which became one of his hit songs.

As an independent artist, he keeps all proceeds from his music sales. This allows him to provide his fans with the highest quality soundscape. Furthermore, his distinct style has gained him a dedicated following of admirers.

His second studio album, Gemini Rights, was released in 2022 and skyrocketed to the top of Billboard 200 chart. It earned him his first nomination for a Grammy award in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category.

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