How Tall is Burna Boy?

Burna Boy was born on July 2, 1991 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria to Samuel and Bosede Ogulu. At the age of 10, his classmate introduced him to FruityLoops music production software and soon after that he began creating music of his own.

He completed grade school in Nigeria before attending university to study Media Technology. Later, he transferred to Oxford Brookes University before returning home to pursue his music career.

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu aka Burna Boy

Burna Boy, professionally known by his stage name Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, is one of the most successful African artists. In 2012 he achieved international success with the release of his single “Like to Party”, which catapulted him to stardom.

Nigerian singer-songwriter has collaborated with some of music’s biggest stars both within and outside his homeland, performing in multiple countries including the United States.

Burna Boy has earned multiple awards throughout his career. He is a multiple Grammy award winner and has been nominated for other honors as well. His style and lyrical abilities are renowned.

Burna boy often incorporates dancehall with reggae and Afrobeat into his songs, creating melodic yet hard-to-forget rhythms.

He began creating his own music while still in secondary school, using FruityLoops – a popular tool used by bedroom producers. After moving to London, he studied media technology at the University of Sussex.

Once he completed his studies, he began working at a radio station. After his shift ended, he would leave the station to go to his studio and record his own music.

Nigerian artist Yemi Alade first rose to prominence when he performed at a talent show in his hometown, Port Harcourt. He went on to win the contest and has since established himself as one of Africa’s top performers.

Over the years that followed, Burna Boy released numerous singles and albums. His name was even featured in several advertisements.

His latest album, Twice as Tall, earned him a Grammy award for Best World Music Album and debuted at number 54 on the Billboard 200 chart. It has also been well received in Europe and Canada.

Diddy and his mother Mama Burna Boy Ogulu executive produced the album which features guest appearances by Youssou N’Dour, Naughty by Nature, Coldplay, and Chris Martin. Additionally, Youssou N’Dour contributed vocals as guest artist on the record.

Born on July 2, 1991

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Net Worth

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, better known as Burna Boy, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter whose career has earned him millions of dollars. His albums and singles have achieved enormous success worldwide, garnering him widespread popularity.

He is a member of the Afrobeats genre and considered one of Africa’s best rappers. He has earned numerous awards, making Nigeria proud around the world. Additionally, his songwriting abilities have earned him a large fan base within Africa.

Born in Port Harcourt, his net worth is estimated to be $20 million. He has endorsement deals with brands like Globacom and Star Lager beer that generate significant income. In addition, he is an actor with a successful YouTube channel boasting over 3.6 million subscribers.

His music has earned critical acclaim from around the world and been featured on television shows. He has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards; his fourth album, African Giant, earned him a nomination for Best World Music Album at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards and went on to win Album of the Year honors at the 2019 All Africa Music Awards.

As a musician, he has toured the world and performed at major venues like Madison Square Garden and London’s Royal Albert Hall. His concerts sell out, making him an incredibly successful musician who earns income through ticket sales.

Burna Boy is an avid car collector and owns several luxury vehicles in his collection, such as a Range Rover autobiography, 2022 Lamborghini Urus, 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia and Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible.

He owns a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon that costs N25 million. Additionally, he owns a Lexus SC 430 and Ford Edge Sport.

Burna Boy enjoys travelling and exploring new places when not performing. He has visited various countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

The singer’s favorite vacation spot is Paris. He has visited the city several times and stayed at various hotels. Additionally, he owns a vacation home in Greece that’s currently listed for sale at $420,000.


Burna Boy is a Nigerian musician and rapper born on July 2, 1991, best known for his blend of dancehall, reggae, and Afro-beat music. As one of Africa’s most successful and well-known artists, he has earned several awards for his music.

He was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to Mr Samuel Ogulu and Mrs Bose Ogulu. His siblings are Nissi and Ronami; his mother is also a singer.

He began creating music as a child using FruityLoops, a digital audio workstation. Additionally, his exposure to Afro-beat and dancehall music greatly shaped his style of composition.

In 2012, he released his debut single “Like to Party,” which earned him critical acclaim and cemented his place in the music industry. One year later he released his debut LP L.I.F.E, cementing himself firmly as one of today’s most sought-after artists.

After graduating from Corona Secondary School, he moved to London for post-secondary education. There he earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Technology from the University of Sussex and a master’s in Communication and Culture from Oxford Brookes University.

He has since become a well-known international artist, working with artists such as Lily Allen, Mabel and J Hus. Additionally, his song “Ja Ara E” from Beyonce’s The Lion King soundtrack album was included – written and recorded by him!

Burna Boy is not only an accomplished singer, but he is also an accomplished writer and producer. His works span across various genres like afrobeat, pop, R&B. Additionally, he has created content for television and film projects such as The Lion King: The Gift.

His upcoming album, African Giant, is set for release in July 2019 and includes several tracks inspired by his childhood like “Gbona” and “On the Low.” Additionally, he recently completed a European tour.

He has earned multiple awards for his songs, including the coveted Best International Act title at the BET Awards and nominations to the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in 2020. As of now, he’s a top-selling artist with both international and local success.

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