The Best Spoken Word Albums

Spoken word has been around for centuries. It ranges from 15-year-old kids performing their first poem to part-time bartenders competing in poetry slams.

But when spoken word artists began speaking out against a lack of representation in the industry, the Recording Academy took notice and created a new category: the Best Spoken Word Poetry Album GRAMMY – an honor that recognizes its significance and influence on our culture.

1. The Bamboo Parachute

The Bamboo Parachute is one of the greatest spoken word albums ever produced. It includes 25 of Chi Cheng’s finest witticisms and has an impressive production quality worthy of a concert stage. Furthermore, it provides an ideal opportunity for casual poetry enthusiasts to appreciate wordsmithing in a relaxed environment.

Deftones’ latest album is a must-have for any music fan and anyone with an appreciation of words. Former bassist Jack White doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing himself, and this record showcases his daring side. He’s got plenty of witticisms to his name as well as that old salt which drives him. This makes for an interesting combination.

The Bamboo Parachute may not be for everyone, but it offers an enjoyable way to experience literary arts. Best of all? You can enjoy it anywhere – in your living room or bedroom! Available on CD, MP3 and streaming formats alike, you can purchase directly from the band website for just $15!

2. Watsky

Watsky is a poet who won the National Youth Poetry Slam at the Apollo Theater and appeared on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam on HBO. His unique approach to writing and rapping allows him to convey complex thoughts quickly, as well as write songs that are heartfelt, vulgar and down-to-earth.

His most renowned work is 2013’s Cardboard Castles, which has become a beloved spoken word classic and classic. It contains both songs and skits which have been universally praised.

This album’s opening track, “All You Can Do,” is an inspiring anthem with beautiful orchestration and an amazing MC performance by Watsky. He uses this track as motivation for young people to pursue their goals without giving up.

Another excellent song on this album is “Tiny Glowing Screens, Part 1,” a brilliant commentary on modern life and its effects. Combining simple music with powerful delivery from Watsky – who focuses on one particular subject – the result is something truly powerful.

On this album, there are many outstanding songs, such as the track “No Complaints No Conversations”, which has an intriguing lyric delivered with great passion. Additionally, the music video for this song serves to further convey its message through visuals.

Although this album is short, it is packed with excellent tracks. Some are better than others, but overall the listening experience is enjoyable. If you appreciate spoken word poetry and want to discover new artists to follow, this would be a worthwhile purchase.

3. Brer Soul

Brer Soul marked Melvin Van Peebles’ initial entry into recording studios, setting itself apart with its avant-garde songwriting techniques that would later be celebrated as precursors to rap and hip hop music. Most notably, however, was its use of sprechgesang – a vocal style which blurs the line between speaking and singing. Furthermore, this album marked one of Van Peebles’ many highly acclaimed performances which would later earn him induction into rock and roll hall of fame.

Brer Soul, though out of print since 2009, remains a timeless classic. It ranks among the greatest spoken word albums ever and should be in any music lover’s library. Its title track especially stands as an incredible feat of synchronized improvisation.

4. Desiderata

Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann is one of the world’s most beloved spoken word albums. It has been read and quoted in many prestigious public settings for its uplifting message of joy.

These 46 lines offer a guideline for living your life well and provide encouragement on how to lead it with positivity. It emphasizes the importance of finding happiness within yourself, even when others may not treat you fairly.

This poem is filled with wise words and kind advice that encourage people to be patient and understanding towards others. It also emphasizes the importance of finding peace within yourself before projecting it outward into the world.

As a poem, it utilizes various poetic techniques such as enjambment and sibilance to make it more captivating. Furthermore, its straightforward style makes it straightforward to read along with interesting to listen to.

Another distinctive element of the poem is its use of Latin words, which were becoming increasingly common during the 19th century. These were considered more refined and precise than their English counterparts, a fact which caused controversy at the time; many critics felt that such language lacked substance.

However, this poem’s popularity grew due to its straightforward yet profound message. It is often quoted by people facing difficult decisions as a reminder not to give up on one’s aspirations or goals.

It is a simple but powerful reminder that life is precious and should be enjoyed by all who are fortunate enough to be alive. This poem can inspire anyone, no matter their current situation.

5. Audrey Hepburn’s Enchanted Tales

In 1992, Audrey Hepburn recorded this spoken-word album featuring classic fairy tales set to Maurice Ravel’s music. Titles on the CD include “Sleeping Beauty,” “Tom Thumb,” and “Laidronette, Empress of the Pagodas,” with Hepburn’s readings being clear, tender and perfect for young children to appreciate.

Enchanted Tales is an invaluable educational tool for families to discuss the deeper meaning of fairy tales. Families can explore characters’ unique qualities and align them with their own values; rather than simply focusing on the tales themselves, Enchanted Tales emphasizes themes like love, loyalty, courage, kindness, and empathy that these tales impart.

The songs are enjoyable and straightforward to sing along with, though the stories themselves may not be particularly memorable or catchy. Nonetheless, they provide great practice for kids learning words, with Hepburn’s voice sounding so warm and charming.

This audiobook is ideal for listeners of any age group. Young girls in particular will love the stories and be able to connect with the characters. Furthermore, this audiobook serves as an excellent introduction to classical music and spoken word for kids.

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