Best Songs About September

September is a month full of transition and new beginnings for many. From changing weather to school starting up again, September brings with it an exuberant energy for everyone.

Songs about the end of summer and arrival of autumn often capture these feelings. Here are some of our top picks.

1. September Morn by Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond is a singer-songwriter whose albums have sold over 128 million worldwide and earned him numerous honors and awards throughout his career. Inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, Neil also holds a Kennedy Center Honor as well as being named NARAS’ MusiCares Person of the Year for 2009 by NARAS.

Diamond’s classic autumnal song, September Morn (originally released on Bang), is an uplifting melody that expresses various feelings as summer and fall come to an end. With strong vocals and an uptempo rhythm, this track truly stands the test of time.

This well-crafted and powerful track is sure to get you up dancing and singing along. The lyrics reflect on the start of autumn with its feelings of nostalgia and longing.

On a cool autumn day, this song is ideal for listening to in solitude or with someone special. No matter who is singing along with you, every chord will bring out the warmth of the season’s spirit.

“September Morn” is an enduring classic that was heavily inspired by Becaud’s classic tune, “C’est en septembre.” It has since become one of the world’s most beloved songs. The lyrics tell a poignant story about a relationship transitioning into something new.

This song is an absolute must-have in your music library! Any music fanatic will surely enjoy listening to it and won’t want to stop! Furthermore, this tune makes an excellent choice for Halloween parties! Make sure you’re the best dressed guest of the party with this fantastic tune!

2. Come September by Natalie Imbruglia

September is a time of transition for many as summer ends and leaves begin to change color. It’s an opportunity to savor memories of summertime fun while also looking ahead to what lies ahead in the new season.

Are you searching for the perfect song to capture the feel of September? There’s plenty of great options! From upbeat dance songs to romantic ballads, there’s something here for everyone!

Earth, Wind & Fire’s iconic song “September” is one of the most beloved celebrations for this month. Released in the 1970s, its catchy tune still gets people up dancing today.

This timeless classic has been covered countless times over the years and resonates with audiences everywhere. It’s a heartfelt ballad about reflecting on an unhappy relationship and hoping that September brings new beginnings.

Natalie Imbruglia is an Australian singer-songwriter renowned for her hits “Torn” and “Come September,” both from her 2001 album White Lilies Island which reached #2 in both the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as #42 in America.

This song has a Phil Collins-esque drum beat and it’s an enjoyable listen for any music enthusiast. The vocals are strong, making this track an excellent choice to listen to.

If you’re searching for a modern take on the iconic song “September,” JP Cooper’s version from 2016 is worth checking out. He takes an R&B-inspired approach to this timeless tune, combining his soulful vocals with gentle acoustic guitar chords to create an instantly recognizable track perfect for fans of pop and R&B music!

3. The 21st Night of September by Maurice White

The 21st night of September is a special date in the calendar, marking the end of summer and being when Earth, Wind & Fire released their classic song “September” in 1978. According to lyricist Allee Willis, they chose this date because it fit perfectly within their lyrics.

This song has become so ubiquitous that it can be heard daily on social media platforms like YouTube. It has even been featured in TV shows, commercials, sports events and video games!

As a result, the song has been covered numerous times and is frequently played at weddings, proms, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, high school reunions and other celebratory occasions. It has become an unofficial anthem for September and has become part of many people’s lives.

Maurice White, Al McKay and Allee Willis composed this song which seamlessly blends soul, R&B, funk and jazz to create an irresistible dance-pop masterpiece. It achieved huge success in 1978, reaching number one on the U.S. R&B chart and appearing on the band’s first album of greatest hits.

Willis credits her song with being a life-altering moment. At the time, she was still struggling as an independent songwriter when Maurice White called and asked her to pen a piece for their band.

On her first day at the studio, she was surprised by how quickly the band had started jamming. But as she entered into rehearsal room and heard certain guitar strumming patterns that instantly convinced her they had an excellent song in them.

The song’s lyrics serve as a metaphor for the singer’s memory of an important night in her life. White uses metaphor to connect abstract emotions to physical details of that night, rhetorical questioning to emphasize action and synesthesia to connect different senses. He also employs rhyme in order to help listeners retain the lyrics.

4. September Love by Kool & the Gang

Kool & the Gang’s lead singer Robert “Kool” Bell composed “September Love” and its follow-up, “Celebration,” two songs which would go on to become two of their biggest hits.

This song boasts a lively horn line, an octave guitar part, and silky keyboards. Additionally, it incorporates a repetitive circular chord pattern which alters slightly throughout the chorus.

These lyrics depict a story of growing up and accepting that one’s romantic relationship has come to an end. Although he still cares for his former partner, there is no longer any connection between them.

This song is an inspiring demonstration of how musicians can craft a message that’s both personal and difficult to hear, yet remain uplifted and motivating. It serves as proof that music can be used as a force for social change.

Kool & the Gang have always made a point of giving back to their community through music, from Big Brother Big Sister to Color Sound–a program which taught inner city children how to read, speak and write.

Kool & the Gang have earned themselves a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and received multiple awards for their accomplishments throughout the years. Despite losing members over time, their music continues to inspire people around the globe, becoming one of the most sampled bands in both hip-hop and R&B music – having inspired countless artists along the way.

5. September Skyline by Single File

September is a month of transition – the weather cools off, school starts up again, and leaves start to change colors. It can be an emotional time as people look back on summer fun while anticipating what lies ahead. So whether you’re searching for songs that capture the atmosphere of autumn or just want something different to listen to, there are plenty of choices available.

“September Skyline” by Single File offers a contemporary take on the timeless September theme, which symbolizes change and fresh starts. This mellow song is ideal for listening to during summer days as it captures all of nature’s changing splendor and encourages us to appreciate them fully.

Van Morrison’s “September Night,” from his 1983 album Inarticulate Speech of the Heart, captures the mood of autumn perfectly. It’s more subdued than his other songs and has a more sentimental undertone.

This folk-influenced song captures the feelings that come with the start of another season and is perfect for those feeling melancholic after summer. The melody centers on the beauty of falling leaves and sunsets while reflecting on life’s fleetingness.

Another song that captures the feelings of nostalgia associated with the beginning of a new season is “See You in September” by The Happenings, released in 1966 and reaching the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its timeless lyrics and classic melody make it an ideal pick for anyone searching for a song to capture autumn’s spirit. For something more upbeat, JP Cooper’s “September Song” or James Arthur’s “September Sun” both offer inspiring words of encouragement.

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